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"This is The Curse. It's for our love for the beautiful and sometimes all too tangible. I know we've been trying to let go of the idea of 'stuff' I know I have for a long time but sometimes it's just so fucking pretty that it's hard to do so! It's always very sharp and if you get stuck to this idea it will cut you, no matter how lovely. it hides a true core inside. i think that's what most people are looking to get to, to do away with all the hard crystal on the outside and to get to the real loving core on the inside. I believe this also helps represent us, and how we're really growing with each other... looking for something 'more'"

"This guy is Bloom. It's representative of our friendship which is very volataile and confusing at times, but cohesive and has a very solid and lovely core that shines bright. It's like a very lovely flower that keeps getting bigger and brighter. The Penrose triangle is for a unity that can not be broken nor comprehended normally; this is love."

"a series of blooms will become a garden where all the magic in life is stored and is waiting to be found"

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